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SuperVillain UI

If you are having issues or if you have an older copy of SVUI installed
then you MUST delete any previous versions from the

\World of Warcraft\Interface \AddOns
directory BEFORE installing a new one.

Go ahead and post your issue to me here in the comments section.

Delete your

\World of Warcraft \Cache folder
Inside the folder

\World of Warcraft\WTF\ [SERVER NAME] \SavedVariables : Delete any files that begin with «SVUI»
Inside each of your characters folders (

\World of Warcraft\WTF\ [SERVER NAME] \ [CHARACTER NAME] \SavedVariables ): Delete any files that begin with «SVUI»

there is a version being developed for 8.3 by me.
the discord https://discord.gg/7BH9za
the github https://github.com/keivamp/InkedSV

Message: Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:221: attempt to call field ‘GetEquippedArtifactRelicAttuneInfo’ (a nil value)
Time: Thu Dec 20 23:56:30 2018
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:221: attempt to call field ‘GetEquippedArtifactRelicAttuneInfo’ (a nil value)
Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:221: in function `GetRelicItemLevel’
Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:176: in function
Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:234: in function `ParseGearSlots’
Interface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\system\gear.lua:414: in function `f’
. nterface\AddOns\SVUI_!Core\libs\_SVUI_Lib\Timers.lua:61: in function

Locals: itemLink = «[]»
itemName = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
iLevelInfo = nil
_ = nil
itemType = nil
itemSubType = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
_ = nil
attuned = 0
(for index) = 1
(for limit) = 3
(for step) = 1
i = 1
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = 1
(*temporary) = «attempt to call field ‘GetEquippedArtifactRelicAttuneInfo’ (a nil value)»

and an other thing how can i get to see my neck pogression?

on all chars between my monk did the addon work.
Can anyone help me pls.

Hi guys,
if anyone needs a how to configure and install video of this outstanding interface, you can take a look here:

I made this video for some of my friends, but maybe it is helpful for others, too.
Just to let you know, the video is in GERMAN.

I hope that this UI will be kept up to date in the future, too. I love it.
Many thanks for all the guys who keep it alive.


Supervillain UI (Classic)

\Interface\AddOns\ »
directory BEFORE installing a new one.

Delete your

\World of Warcraft \Cache folder
Inside the folder

\World of Warcraft\WTF\ [SERVER NAME] \SavedVariables : Delete any files that begin with «SVUI»
Inside each of your characters folders (

\World of Warcraft\WTF\ [SERVER NAME] \ [CHARACTER NAME] \SavedVariables ): Delete any files that begin with «SVUI»

> Updated for 6.1

> Portrait options added for arena frames
> Adjusted «reverse» settings for health bars
> Made a slight adjustment to tooltip hiding when viewing items
> Fixed fight o matic errors

> Fixed quest tracker event errors causing looped faults
> This is the LAST update before copying to curse.

v5.4.198: (shows as 5.4.19)
> Updated token stat
> Expand feature will now resize the quest tracker as well as reposition tooltips
> Adjusted lockout abbreviations on the time stat
> Raid leader dock tool is now movable via the [alt-right-click] dock menu
> Various internal fixes, preparing for the transition to curse

> Re-styled the «Active» quest tracking header. It’s much leaner and to the point.
> Quest item bar will now hide along with the tracker
> Quest items themselves (and after MUCH testing) are now stable and no longer dissapear for no reason.
> Added a right-click feature to the dock-hide buttons. This will allow you to «expand» the respective dock window to a greater height for readability (outside of combat of course)
> Several non-functional options were fixed
> Many redundant and unused config options were removed
> Some options that were causing confusion now have relevant notes to help users understand their settings

> Added new config category, «Screen». This is where you will find the familiar options for auto-scaling and multi-monitor but also the new ADVANCED screen adjustments (USE WITH GREAT CAUTION). The new settings allow you to forcibly change the overall scale calculation used by most elements, and for those of you having issues with getting the UI to fit perfectly on various non-standard screens, you can set your own width and height used for UI positioning.
> Fixed/adjusted combat text font (Scrolling)
> BG stats are working again
> Revamped quest tracker items. They are now anchored to their own position-able bar and can display more than one item at a time. The issue of items disappearing on use has been resolved (though not tested extensively).
> Left and right dock windows can now be hidden independently of each other by using their respective corner buttons.
> Bugs noted by all of you in the comments have been resolved. If there are any outstanding issues, or if I have missed something please let me know.
> More changes included that I will document at a later time.

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> Zygor support (lite) added. This goes as far as fixing minimap blips and the equip manager button.
> Druid mana bar show states adjusted
> Keybind texts fixed
> Fixed bad loop in quest tracker (bonus objectives)
> Dock stats fonts will respect user options again.
> Login for mages with no spec fixed

> Fix for bag slot issues.
> Another aura filter config error fix
> Loot frame will no longer block mouse clicks when not shown.
> Mage errors fixed.

> Ready check icons have been made more visible
> Clicking the flashing down indicator on chat frames will scroll the chat all the way down.
> Adjusted Warlock resource graphics (added number value)
> Added an option to enable/disable the new Resolve bar for tanks (thats the green bar at the top of your health)

> Fixed Aura Filter option errors
> Adjusted Rogue resource graphics, and Inspiration text.
> Hunter traps now adjust their cooldowns when you have enhanced traps

> Fully fixed and updated the «Aura Watch» feature
> Updated Rogue combo point/anticipation graphics
> AFK screen has more safeguards for failed conditions
> Adjusted more fonts
> Mentalo sticky moving has been adjusted
> Minimap border frame level adjusted
> Many class resources have has minor details cleaned up

TODO: Hunter trap timers for survival spec (penguinsane)

> Fixed Rogue Anticipation error
> Warriors now have a classbar resource, ENRAGE BAR!! (Prot and Fury only)
> DK classbar revamped
> Mage has 2 new resources. Frost: Icicle meter. Fire: Ignite meter.
> Fixed several LUA errors coming from Chat, Tooltips and Nameplates.
> Added more event handling for the custom AFK screen to prevent weirdness during many situations.
> SVUI Quest Tracker can now be disabled from the /sv->General->Misc options
> Voidstorage style revamped.

> When chat frames are faded you will no longer see chat icons (raid icons etc..)
> Made some adjustments to quest item appearances
> Buff and Debuff stacks are now visible at all times

> Adjusted many class resources
> Fixed bugs in the installer and quest scenarios
> Other internal fixes.

> Fixed bugs in superbutton and fontmanager
> Redesign: DeathKnight runes! They are much easier to read visually now. and ANIMATED!!
> Fixed issue causing Paladin power to dissapear when opening the worldmap

> Full support of MasterPlan added!

> Fixed many config settings that were causing issues.
> Plugin settings for TrackOMatic, ChatOMatic and CraftOMatic are working now.
> Made some adjustments to unitframe aura borders.
> Fixed issue causing Brewmaster Monk stagger bar from working
> Adjusted Hunter trap timers.

> New: Copy chat function. Just mouse over the upper right corner for the copy button.
> New: Minimalist setting available from the main installation page. This will set all major unit frames to a lean 22px, strip the minimap down to just the essentials, and disable MOST comic based flair (ie. comic popups, afk screen, gamemenu, comic style tooltips and unitframe borders).
> Added font settings for tooltips, loot/roll frames, bags/bank and a dash of others.
> Adjusted a few more pre-existing fonts.
> Updated font config screen.
> Slight style changes to garrison and character windows.
> Fixed layout issue with the installer.
> Fixed an issue preventing the Answering service window from showing.

> Many StyleOMatic styles updated
> Skada/Omen/Recount title bars all match now
> DBM updated, now using my classic style bars!!
> NEW: Garrison Building Frame now Styled!
> QuestTracker updated again, should no longer see weird scrolling behavior.
> Several font assignments updated, alert and combat were in need of a change.
> Fixed stack overflow bug from api library
> Version number properly updated this time.

> Fixed Skada sizing issue
> Nameplates now show cast text properly
> Changed default settings to enable focustarget and properly align focus AND focustarget buffs and debuffs
> Adjusted the way I am skinning tooltips and elite unitframes. They are scaling much better now.
> QuestTracker should now reliably display all tracked quests and achievements
> FINALLY figured out a way to force bags to properly color quest items ALWAYS.
> Adjusted encounter journal styling. Looks much better now.
> Other misc fixes

> More adjustments to draggables
> Fixed achievement tracking
> Increased the scrolling depth of the objectives tracker
> Adjusted MANY MANY checkboxes that had lost their proper appearance
> Fixed SetAlpha overflow in StyleOMatic
> When using the installer, music volume SHOULD now return to its proper value when installation ends
> Reduced the scale of chat whisper icons
> Added LEFT/RIGHT arrow support to the chat editbox as a means to move the cursor into displayed text while using UP/DOWN arrows to parse outbound history.

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> Final patch for the current aura system, keep in mind that this will be replaced with a completely revised design in the coming weeks.
> Made some changes to draggable frames and their interaction with default «snapping» provided by the game client.

> Found and fixed several issues causing auras and aura filters to function improperly
> Aura filters were not recognizing the Player as friendly. Now fixed
> Re-structured the options for unitframe aura types (buffs, debuffs, aurabars) in an effort to make their settings a little more readable.
> Added an option under (/sv)->General->Misc->Save Draggable. This allows you to toggle the saving of draggable frames. Keep in mind that when this feature is enabled, the default frame «snapping» of blizzard frames will not happen. This option will be disabled by default.
> Added a few more error filters
> Fixed threat glow functionality

> WorldMap quest log is now attached properly
> StyleOMatic styles are now toggling correctly (including AdiBags)
> Added contribution styles for Omen and adjusted Recount docks to line up properly
> A few styling odds and ends adjusted

> Revised the profile system to now mirror all configs used by a particular profile to EACH character that is using the same one. What this means is that if you load («Copy») a profile to two (or more) characters and make changes on one of them, those changes will be automatically reflected for every other toon using the same profile.
> Fixed BreakStuff to now identify WoD herbs
> Updated alignments and elements on loot/achievement alert frames to now match each other more closely
> Updated some textures in garrison styles
> Garrison follower XP bars are now showing on follower lists.
> Added one more little touch to the AFK screen. It was feeling a little lop-sided.
> Added Error filter options under General->Error Handling
> Credits have been updated showing latest contributions
> Reputation stat popup menu is now alpha sorted
> Revamped SVUI’s version management to allow the display of FULL version numbers. This will make identifying your installed version FAR FAR FAR more accurate. (ie.. before I could only output the major.minor segment of the version number, now I can display the whole thing.)
> Let the bass drop

> Small adjustments to loot alert texts
> Mount colored buttons have color again when checked
> Quest dock scrolling weirdness is fixed

> Blocked auras are being blocked properly now
> Monk chi has been fully updated now

> WorldMap-QuestLog issue where the details vanish, has been fixed
> Monk Chi fixed
> nameplate error fixed
> Adjusted some of the newer textures, (more need some love but I will do that later)

> Attempted fix for QuestTracker taint
> Many new «Interface» textures
> Changed the Draenor Zone Ability frame to now be draggable instead of movable via the «/sv move» utility. This was also a step towards removing taints regarding this frame.
> Internal improvements

> Several taints fixed
> Garrison follower NEW textures
> Stat token issues fixed
> Internal improvements

> Misc fixes and updates
> Comic popups working again
> Increase fade delay on dock buttons and panels
> Fixed errors coming from Stats

> Revised all Popup, Achievement and Garrison Alert styles. This also cleared an error that started occurring recently
> Adjusted auction house style
> More backend improvements

> Critical changes to screen resolution handlers
> Added /sv option to reset draggable blizzard frames

> Garrison button shipments info should be updating properly now
> Garrison button tooltip now also shows resources
> Garrison styles expanded again
> Aura filtering data is redesigned internally now. You shouldn’t notice any changes other than filters being reset for the change.
> Adjusted some missing styles in quest info and LFG/LFR windows

> Garrison button errors fixed
> Garrison styles expanded to landing page and missions page
> tooltip stretching fixed
> x-ray specs overlapping fixed
> New code to manage blizzard frames, for multi monitor users this will force default positioning towards the center of the screen for panels that would have otherwise been to the left
> New feature: ALT-Right-Clicking items in your bags (not bank) will mark them with a coin icon. Any marked items will be auto-vendored next time you visit a merchant.

> Garrison button now shows shipments and timers
> Garrison styles previously mentioned are now actually working
> /sv move (aka Mentalo) now has a «Grid» option for easier alignments
> Drew some new Minimap blips and replaced a few of the older ones

> Added config option for AFK screen (/sv->General->Misc->Fun Stuff)

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> Garrison button now shows current missions on it’s tooltip
> Adjusted some vanity features and added new secret ones (given enough time you WILL discover these)
> Tokens stat now has garrison resources, apexis crystals and the various «Secrets of

» currencies as well as the three new archaeology fragments
> Adjusted a few more settings to increase performance during model animations

> Garrison loading fixed
> Garrison button hearth now using a timer to ensure it is properly set
> Added style for garrison capacitive windows (ie.. work orders)
> Fixed SVUI_Garrison taint
> Comix toggle update

> Garrison button now has flashing alerts for garrison events (very basic)
> Party pet and targets are working again
> Added minimap option to use old blip icons
> Fixed several errors tied to plugin enabling/disabling
> adjusted aggro («!») and combat («fist») visual elements

> Included the previously forgotten change to garrison right-click hearth (my bad yo)
> Slight tweaks to raidframe coloring and more tooltips

> fixed dock button position saving for addons
> fixed recount and omen docklet visibility issue
> adjustments for bag slot features
> added some needed tooltips on features such as merchant «Buy full stack»
> Minimap and Worldmap coords now update even in combat

> fixed dock button position saving
> fixed recount and omen docklet

> NEW(ish): Garrison map icon is now a dock icon (found in the upper left dock), right clicking this will cast the garrison hearth
> Fixed tooltip sizing on NPC healthbars
> More adjustments to bag slots on update

> Fixed mac user errors
> Removed tamable indicators from tooltips
> Restyled the garrison minimap button a bit

> Raid frames are now singular, meaning there will no longer be separate frames for sizes 10/15/20/25/40. In the config menu you will only see one category called «Raid».

> Docks have undergone major changes to how they are built and function.
NOTE 1: Before, docklets and dock features were created in static positions (ie. chat tabs on the left, profession tools and henchmen on the right..etc) and the dock holders were essentially just anchored placeholders with little purpose other than a starting point for child elements. Now every aspect of each docking cluster is dynamic and interchangeable.
NOTE 2: Utilizing the new dock system is restricted to internal code at this time. If you have questions please ask me and I will walk you through them.
NOTE 3: I have added an alt-click menu to each dock icon that allows you to re-order its position in it’s current dock.
NOTE 4: All movement changes are now being saved and retained per character.

> Dock alerts (ie.. chat edit box and Laborer «End Mode» button) are attractive now 😉

> Micro Menu bar has been relocated to the upper left corner of the screen, mouse over it to show (can be changed in settings)

> Stats have been changed slightly
NOTE 1: The top stat bar is now anchored to the top center of the screen (was top left)
NOTE 2: The top stat bar is also NAKED by default (ie.. no stats showing/assigned). I felt like having too much on screen for new users was confusing.
NOTE 3: Backgrounds are disabled now by default (can still be changed in settings)
NOTE 4: Changed the default stat assignment for the bottom bar to improve asthetics. (Courtesy of Penguinsane)

> Installer updated. Now when making aura layout selections you will see dummy aura icons and bars to help visualize the changes.

> Slightly re-styled tooltips to make them less intrusive by removing the POW graphic from the bottom of the frame. Seemed like too much at times.

> NEW: Round style for minimaps that use the «rotateMinimap» interface option.

> REMOVED: WorldMap movement alpha settings. Blizzard has a built-in function for this now under your Interface options.

> WorldMap issues with elements becoming unclickable are fixed
> WorldMap tooltip issues are fixed
> Bag slot coloring has been revised. Specialty bag colors will now take priority over rarity of the item.
> Garrison map icon is properly anchored now
> Auto-Quest features are working as they should
> Nameplate issues should be resolved
> In combat messages should no longer cause errors
> Auctionhouse styles revised
> Inventory coin icons are working
> Inventory quest icons/borders are working
> Added dock option to change dock button sizes
> Character stats pane issue fixed
> Raid leader tool bugs fixed (if you even noticed them)
> Skada dock issues fixed